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Senator Ted Cruz to join Rep. DeSantis at a Republican Fundraising event in Ponte Vedra Bookmark

By Diane Scherff

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joins Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL6) as guest speakers at a fundraising dinner for the St Johns County Republican Party Friday, October 6th at the Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. While Democrats and Republicans on the Hill continue to fight President Trump and his agenda, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Ron DeSantis stand by our President and are working to promote his agenda.

Sen. Cruz and Rep. DeSantis introduced legislation together for Term Limits, which the President has supported and is pushing for:

Senator Cruz recently announced a summary of his proposed tax plan to overhaul the Nation's tax code with three ideas: flat, simple and fair. He echos President Trump's agenda for helping the middle class, reducing corporate taxes and creating more jobs.

Congressman Ron DeSantis continues to show his support of President Trump with his most recent proposal to put an end date on the Russia investigation, and his “Drain the Swamp Act.” Rep. DeSantis’s Drain the Swamp bill is modeled after the reforms called for by then-candidate Donald Trump and will toughen current bans on officials lobbying the government after their federal service. The bill will alter the incentives for government officials and slow the revolving door between Capitol Hill and K Street.

“I thank President Trump for taking the lead on reforming Washington and I hope we can pass this bill quickly,” said Rep. DeSantis.
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So please join these two Republicans who are actually trying to work with our President to better our country, as they discuss Tax Reform, Healthcare, and the Russia Investigation at the SJC Republican Party Fundraiser Friday, October 6th at the Sawgrass Country Club, Ponte Vedra Beach.

See below for additional information and Tickets!

Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Ron DeSantis Fundraising Dinner
Friday, October 6th at the Sawgrass Country Club. Join these two great political minds for a Texas-style BBQ, cash bar, silent auction.VIP Meet/Greet: $250 (5:30 - 6:30pm), General Ticket: $100 (Begins 6:30pm)


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