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Clearent: An introduction and FAQ's Bookmark

Dear Business Owner,

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  This is simply a sheet to inform you on Clearent as well as frequently asked questions about the industry.  Besides the possibility of us doing business together it is also my job to inform.  I have been in the industry for 8 years and am familiar with a lot of the same frustration you are surrounding card processing and your business.  I understand that most business owners at some point in time have been taken advantage of and when someone like myself walks into your door a wall goes up, which is why I have created this sheet for you.

I have much more info to share and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.  If the answer is still NO after reading this, then at least I did the part of my job centered on informing merchants.  I hope you do enjoy what I have created for you!

Our Pricing Model: Interchange Plus, completely transparent, no hidden fees, and an agreement that guarantees rates do not change.  Absolutely $0.00 cancellation fee if you are not pleased!

What pricing models do other companies offer?  Tiered Rates, Interchange Surcharge, Flat Rate, Bill Back, and Interchange Plus.

What platform is best for my business? Interchange Plus is the best pricing platform out there for most merchants.  It is the most transparent and fair program.  In some situations, where a merchant does less than $3k per month, something like square would be a better option.  Tiered rates (i.e. Non-Qual, Mid- Qual, Qual), Interchange Surcharge, Flat Rate, and Bill Back are all pricing platforms built for the processing company to make more money.

What companies offer Tiered and Bill Back?  Generally, most First Data customers or customers of their Independent Sales Organizations (i.e. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Suntrust)

What is a Bill Back?  A bill back is when a processing company gives the impression that they are giving you a lower rate however, if you review three consecutive bill cycles, you will see where they have charged you an additional 1%-2% on your money in the following months from prior months.

In what months do rate changes occur?  Typically, rates adjust with the card brands every April and October, which no company can control. However, some merchant processing companies also use this time to increase their rates.

Does Clearent change their processing fees?  NO, our processing rates are guaranteed not to increase for the life of the account.

Can a processing company change my rates without notifying me?  No they cannot. However, the notice is normally found on the back page in small print and by swiping a customer card during the month after the notice you are electronically agreeing to the new terms and conditions…. crazy and unethical right?

Clearent equipment: Free. No leases. No rentals.  If your not satisfied the equipment is yours to keep.  Our terminals are also EMV ready!

We have programs that seamlessly integrate to the Quickbooks suite of products as well as 98% of other point of sale systems.

Is EMV mandated?  No, EMV is not mandated.  As a matter of fact EMV only comes into play when a merchant disputes for the reason of Credit Card Fraud.  There are many industries that are not targets for this so if you don’t have a high dispute rate in reference to Card Fraud then don’t let another card company tell you that you NEED it.

Tim Paton
Regional Sales Director
Clearent Intelligent Processing
Cell: (904) 547-0259

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