The Business Lens will discuss what local and state wide issues may impact your business and how you can be informed and heard. Featuring St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Director of Public Policy Bob Porter and the Chamber's Senior Communications Manager Beau Phillips.

"This is really about a smart guy talking to a dumb guy," said Phillips, "and it'll be pretty easy to tell which is which once you hit play."

Porter has over 30-years experience in the political capital of the world as a congressional aide, lobbyist and the director of a not-for-profit. To find out more subscribe and tune in!

The Business Lens: ep 106
Bob and Beau explore some of the more exciting races that affect St. Johns County as the elections season begins to take off. U.S. Senator, Governor, and the Ponte Vedra seat on the County Commission. A quick discussion of a proposed amendment and Politics in St. Johns Candidate Meet & Greet!

The Business Lens: ep 105
In Episode 5, Beau and Bob discuss the impact fee revision that was recently passed by the St. Johns County Commission. The City of St. Augustine has also passed their new panhandling ordinance and made permanent a moratorium on new events downtown during the City’s peak seasons. Lastly, the pod hosts discuss what is shaping up to be a fascinating election season as familiar faces announce their candidacy for new offices. April 13, 2018.

The Business Lens News Update: Impact Fee Adjustment Passes at SJC Commission Meeting
An impact fee adjustment was passed Tuesday, April 3, 2018, by the St Johns County, Board of County Commissioners find out why it's a win for county residents and for the business community.
Posted by St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Business Lens: ep 104
In episode 4, Bob and Beau discuss the adjournment of Legislative session on March 11, Impact fees in St. Johns County, the continuing efforts that are easing incidents of aggressive panhandling in St. Augustine and the Wednesday Market in St. Augustine Beach. If you are interested in attending the Legislative Update event they discuss find it by CLICKING HERE.

The Business Lens: ep 103
In Episode 3 of The Business Lens Beau and Bob discuss what is going on at the half way point of Florida's 2018 Legislative session, beach renourishment, panhandling in the City of St. Augustine and the Pier Park situation in St. Augustine Beach.

The Business Lens: ep 102
 Episode Two quickly revisits the topic of Panhandling and new leadership in St. Augustine Beach. Then a deeper discussion on the beginning of Legislative Session and how the upcoming election may impact lawmakers decisions. Closing with a brief discussion about the Governor's race.

The Business Lens: Pilot
In episode one, Bob Porter and Beau Phillips explore the Florida State Legislature's committee weeks, that St. Johns County is already in preparation mode for the 2018-19 budget, panhandling in the City of St. Augustine and a proposal to ban single use plastic bags in the City of St. Augustine Beach.