3 year Plan: Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate

The Chamber has adopted a new 3-year plan entitled Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate. Chamber President/CEO Isabelle Rodriguez's bold vision for your Chamber of Commerce has been carefully crafted with input from members and the board.

read on to find out more about Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate

St.Johns County Chamber of Commerce

A dynamic not-for-profit, business association. We offer programs and services of genuine value to our base of 1100+ members across a diverse array of industries and we positively impact our county’s regulatory climate and global brand.

What we face - New Normal

industries evolve especially in the wake of a recession. A few of the issues we face include: increased competition, greater expectation of value and challenging generational differences. We will build on our Strengths to meet these challenges and innovate our Chamber model.


The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce will be relentless at growing business. We will elevate the standard for non-profit products and services. We will be innovative and strategic in creating a culture of collaboration. We will accelerate our growth by being visible with our successes. We will establish ourselves as a leader in commerce, within our community, state and on-line.

Our Plan

The evolution of our Chamber has three important elements: Elevate, Innovate & Accelerate Elevate: Raising the standard of our programs, services and our organization. 

Innovate: Taking us beyond the established - reforming methods, ideas, products & services. 

Accelerate: Creating momentum for your business, the Chamber and our Community.


Elevate, Innovate & Accelerate is a rolling plan, a plan that we will assess, analyze, and hold ourselves accountable to at each stage. Today, we are working to be a cutting edge business membership organization. Getting there will require creative vision, detailed execution, and your support.


We will mine our talent resources. Explore staff skills and we will identify and recruit board members by an additional criteria, skill. What skills do we need to advance specific goals? 

We will continue to elevate the quality of our events and event content. We will vet our events to focus on our core services which will free up new resources to be reinvested to grow the organization. 

We will seize opportunities to advance our technology (i.e., e-leads, mobile responsiveness, real-time vertical membership solution), create compelling volunteer leadership opportunities and attract mutually beneficial partnerships.


Taking us beyond the established by reforming methods, ideas, products & services. We will explore creating new products through technology; products focused on serving members who have time limitations. For example, we are exploring the idea of a Chamber Marketplace where members can post their needs or projects for other members to bid on. 

We will create a culture of collaboration. We are exploring our office needs and the current location of our St. Augustine office and the idea of a work space where entrepreneurs can rent a desk or a suite, a space that will encourage a community of collaboration.


We will raise the visibility of our Advocacy efforts and increase communications regarding local and state policy issues. We are publishing more frequent Advocacy Updates and have added a new online Bill Tracking software feature on our website which provides every member with access to information regarding state legislation affecting Florida businesses. 

We will utilize economic development best practices as tools for accelerating our community’s economic growth. We will engage our leadership in lead generation, leverage current and build new relationships, and continue to serve and guide small businesses. 

 We will seek to harness the renewed energy in our local economy by building strategic relationships and exploring opportunities to grow our network through strategic partnerships.